Friday, 16 July 2010

Sham, Ross Heaven & La Gringa in Karma Cafe Iquitos

Hola everyone! (that's Spanish for hello)

I've been having a fantastic time in Iquitos Peru hanging out with Ross & Tracie at the Hummingbird Healing Centre
I am finding out who I really am and at times begin to wonder if I am truly a hedgehog or perhaps some reincarnation of an ancient jungle shaman. In fact a shaman here has discovered my true name, Iziekel, but you can still call me Sham if you want.

So far I've been to 2 San Pedro ceremonies and 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies, where I learnt a lovely icaro which I shall sing for everyone at Indie Shaman when I come home.

About coming home...I miss all my friends in England but I feel very drawn to the jungle and I'm having a flirtation with a sloth called Finn.

Ross & Tracie took me to the 6th Annual Amazonian Shaman Conference, but I got very tired as it went late in to the night and I had my photo taken with all types of people who wanted to cuddle me and it was all a bit too much for a small hedgehog (if I am in fact a hedgehog). On the way home from the conference our motocaro tipped over, but don't worry, no one was hurt, some burly men tipped us right side up and we continued home.

I have also made friends with 2 lovely dogs, Felis Compleanos (a small headed, big bodied creature who isn't very bright) and Moon Vomit, who is really still only a pup and a bit silly.

Ross introduced me to a giant dung beetle called Michael at the Anaconda market and I wasn't even scared even though he tried to roll me like a peice of dung. There's to be a retreat at the centre next week and Tracie has asked me to help with the flower baths so when I come home I can show everyone how to make them.

lotsa love to everyone
Izekiel (Sham)