Saturday, 27 November 2010

A big hi to y'all from Texas.

Here I am sitting having a rest in one of the old oak trees in the pasture. There are lots of wonderfully wise trees here who have lived a lot longer than me so know much more than I do.

Not that you get much time for a rest round here. Sherry sure is busy! I've been helping and I thought I'd make a start by sorting out her work bench. It needed a lot of sorting - I think Sherry is too busy to be tidy.

This is Taj Chicken. There are lots of chickens and they were sharing a home with the horses but everyone will be much happier with their own homes so Sherry has been busy building them one.

This is a photo of the chicken beds I helped Sherry build. They don't look that comfy as beds but apparently chickens like them. I think I've got a bit spoiled by all the human beds I've 'borrowed'. Humans like their beds well padded!

Here I am telling the chickens all about their new home and how I helped. They found me very interesting as you can see. There were rather a lot of them so I'm afraid I can't remember who was who. I do know there are a lot of Debbie's who are all Buff Orpingtons. There was also a Penelope but now he's grown he's changed his name to Pete. I don't blame him - Penelope doesn't seem quite right for a rooster of his size!

Talk to ya all again soon

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Hi everyone

Oooo I didn’t realise how long it had been since I last posted on my blog. Very sorry! It was such a long way to Texas so when I first got here I had a good rest. Here I am sitting on the back porch of my new home-for-a-while. I needed quite a long rest because its a long way to the United States of America and I got a bit over excited because I've never been here before.

This is a picture of what I was looking at. What a wonderful view to have from your back porch!

I am staying with Sherry and she is always pretty busy. She's very good at building things and said I can help her. I'm sure I'll be good at building things too when I've learned how. She also likes taking photos so I should have plenty to share with you. Here I am sat on a wall they built for the flower beds. I'm glad this job was finished because those bricks look a bit heavy for me.

There is plenty of space here for me to stretch my legs so I have been exploring. Here is a new friend I found in the garden. I tried talking to him but I think he was too busy to talk back.

I found these enormous piles of ... something ... too. It took me ages to climb to the top. I asked Sherry about them and she said they were food for the horses. Those horses must be pretty big! I wasn't at all sure I wanted to meet them after that!

While Sherry was brushing the hay from me she explained that the horses didn't eat all the hay bales in one go. It was an easy mistake for a hedgehog to make I think. So we went to meet the horses.Niessa (on the left) and Heidi were very nice. In fact I liked them so much I climbed back onto some hay and as you can see they didn't even try to eat me. Hay makes a very comfy seat but I don't like the taste much.

I promise not to leave it so long before my next blog! June always posts on the Indie Shaman Facebook page when I update my blog so do join us there if you want to know when to visit me again.

p.s. Are you an Indie Shaman member living in the US? If so I would love to stay with you if you would like me to visit? Contact details can be found at Thanks :)