Saturday, 27 November 2010

A big hi to y'all from Texas.

Here I am sitting having a rest in one of the old oak trees in the pasture. There are lots of wonderfully wise trees here who have lived a lot longer than me so know much more than I do.

Not that you get much time for a rest round here. Sherry sure is busy! I've been helping and I thought I'd make a start by sorting out her work bench. It needed a lot of sorting - I think Sherry is too busy to be tidy.

This is Taj Chicken. There are lots of chickens and they were sharing a home with the horses but everyone will be much happier with their own homes so Sherry has been busy building them one.

This is a photo of the chicken beds I helped Sherry build. They don't look that comfy as beds but apparently chickens like them. I think I've got a bit spoiled by all the human beds I've 'borrowed'. Humans like their beds well padded!

Here I am telling the chickens all about their new home and how I helped. They found me very interesting as you can see. There were rather a lot of them so I'm afraid I can't remember who was who. I do know there are a lot of Debbie's who are all Buff Orpingtons. There was also a Penelope but now he's grown he's changed his name to Pete. I don't blame him - Penelope doesn't seem quite right for a rooster of his size!

Talk to ya all again soon

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