Saturday, 7 August 2010

Ezekiel the Fish in Peru

Well, my time in Peru is nearly up and Tracie says she’s going to pack me up and send me home next week. I’ve had a lovely time here at Ross’ ayahuasca healing centre.

I’ve been to lots of ayahuasca ceremonies led by about five different shamans. One of them learned my real name (Ezekiel) and I’m thinking about changing it permanently now.

Another one blessed me and Ross gave me a floral bath to bring me power and luck.

I’ve also been to San Pedro ceremonies with Ross and other shamans and, of course, I spoke at the Amazonian Shamanism Conference and was quite riveting.

In my ayahuasca journeys I saw that I am a fish not a hedgehog and that my cosmic purpose is to eat shrimp. I shall get to work on that as soon as I am home.

Ross has another healing centre in Spain ( and I really hope I’ll be allowed to visit there next April when Ross gets back from Peru to run his shamanic courses.

Bye for now,Ezekiel the Fish

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