Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Search for Salmon

When we got to Wales I was very happy to learn that there was a river on the site we were staying at. So I got to work straight away looking for the Wise Salmon. June said she wasn't sure there were salmon in that river but nothing ventured nothing gained I say. As you can see its a very pretty river with lots of stones and things you can stand on. Its called the River Twrch. Did you know the Welsh for river is Afon (pronounced Avon with the 'a' like in apple)? So the River Avon (the 'a' is pronounced like in bay) which starts near where Indie Shaman is based must be the river River!

We were staying at the campsite at Bwch yn Uchaf, which is in Llanuwchllyn, Bala. This is in the Snowdonia National Park at the foot of the Aran and Arenig mountain range and about a mile from Bala Lake. Its very beautiful round here. There is even a little steam engine which runs near the site so you can watch that as well or go on it for a trip into Bala.

Indi is my friend now. She mostly just licks me on the nose which is much better than trying to bite my nose off. We discovered we have a lot in common as we both come from rescues. She comes from Four Paws Animal Rescue who helped her mum so Indi had lovely foster homes to be born in and live in until June and Simon found her. I of course come from Secret World Wildlife Rescue and was adopted with the help of all the Indie Shaman members and customers.

Indi was helping me look for salmon and said she might have found something near this rock. She didn't know if it was salmon or not because she is still too young to know what a salmon is yet. This was her first adventure so she isn't quite as experienced a traveller as me.

I decided to get down onto a rock to look for myself. I couldn't see any salmon so I peered a little closer and that was when .... I fell in! Luckily as you can see the water was shallow so I only got my back wet and Simon fished me out quickly before I floated away down the river.

It was a bit of a shock though and I was a bit exhausted after all that excitement so June gave me a lift on the walk back to the caravan. June and Simon promised to take me to look in another river another day after I'd had a chance to get warm and dry again so I wasn't too disappointed. I'll blog about that adventure soon.

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