Monday, 4 October 2010

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Hi again!

Here I am at Barmouth. Its a very lovely beach with lots of dunes and then a large stretch of sand down to the sea. Indi got very excited as she has never seen the sea before. I have, of course, but I didn't ruin her fun by telling her. It was more enjoyable to watch her running here and there and in and out of the water. Then we had to go back to the car because she got overtired and cried for a sleep. Puppies are so sweet at that age. I can remember when I was only a hoglet and used to need a sleep when I got over excited as well.

Isn't this lovely? Its Llangollen. There is lots you can do at Llangollen including a steam train and a horse drawn boat down the canal. It was very busy when we visited as it was a Saturday so we just went for a walk around the town and spent most of our time by the river. This is the River Dee and you can get right down to the edge of it to. I had read that salmon go down this river so this was a good opportunity to have a look for the Wise Salmon!

First though a photo opportunity as you could get right down onto the rocks. There were some young lads down there and June was giggling when they asked Simon 'why are you taking photos of that teddy?' Maybe they couldn't see me that well as I think its quite obvious I'm a rather handsome specimen of hedgehog. Simon told them I had a blog on the internet. Actually Simon and I had quite an audience of people watching him take the photos, which I'm sure he enjoyed as much as I did.

Indi saw some ducks and said she would go and ask them if they had seen any salmon. They wouldn't speak to her. I think it might have helped communication if she had put her tongue away and stopped licking her lips!

So I decided to have a look for myself. The ducks seemed to let me closer than they let Indi. I could see some very small fish so I sat very still and waited until some came close enough to talk to. They were all swimming about in and out of each other. I asked them where I could find Wisdom. They answered as a shoal. Their reply was:

....................... is
................................. in

I thanked them for their answer and thought about it all the way back to the caravan. The next day was time to go home ... and I've had the chance to continue looking ...

I'm off to Texas in the U.S. Yee Haw!!

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