Friday, 13 May 2011

How time flies! I'm soon to attend Ross' Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Healing course
so here's some more first about my experiences earning my Shamanic Practitioner Diploma.

My favourite part of the course was the plant spirit work: listening to the whispers of the plants divulging their secrets to me. This spirit to spirit communication feels very natural and I’m looking forward to working more with plant spirits on my shamanic path and singing more songs of nature. Creating plant perfumes in the rain was more fun than I anticipated and I thought my own concoction (for love, if you must know) looked particularly pleasing to the eye in one of Ross’ hand-painted bottles.

Mesa work and the medicine wheel

I was feeling a little sad when the course was almost at an end – we had learned so much that I couldn’t possibly blog it all but I feel brand new and by the looks on the faces of the other course participants, they shared this feeling I have inside ...

... and I must have done OK on the course as at the end I was awarded my certificate!

Here are a couple of my new friends all with our certificates

It's so exciting me getting my first ever 'ology and now having a Diploma in Shamanic Studies I think you might want to see a close up so here it is :-)

As I said at the start of today's blog I'm staying with Ross and Sarah in Spain a bit longer so I can join in with the next course too. So do catch up with my blog again soon!

Many hedgehog blessings
Indie Shaman

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