Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hi all

I hadn't been back home with Indie Shaman very long when my good friend Ross Heaven invited me to attend his Shamanic workshop in Spain. I'm going to learn how to become a shamanic practitioner and healer! This is a unique 14 day course at at the Hummingbird Retreat Centre in Spain from 9 - 22nd April. I think there may be a very few places left so if you want to book one and join me contact Ross soon.

So as soon as I've had a good rest and caught up on my jet lag I'm off again to Spain. I had started packing but June said I wouldn't need any of the things I had borrowed so I put them back. I can't decide which amulet to wear though so I may wear both of them.

I may not be able to blog for a while until I've arrived in Spain and I believe Indie Shaman is closing for a week at the beginning of April too. Something to do with June and Simon needing a holiday. The Indie Shaman forum will still be open though under the very capable hands of Cathy.

So until I'm back on here again here are a few hedgehog facts for you courtesy of Secret World Wildlife Rescue (p.s. If you want to adopt a hedgehog, or an owl, fox, badger or otter ... but hedgehogs are best honest .... just click on the link).

* Hedgehogs have poor eyesight, but our hearing and sense of smell is very sharp
* Hedgehogs are born blind and our vision starts to develop two days after birth
* Hoglets leave their mother and their nest when they are 4-5 weeks old
* We used to live under hedges, but now, due to modern farming methods, we are almost reliant on gardens
* The biggest dangers hedgehogs face are: road traffic, garden chemicals, drowning (in pools and ponds when we fall in and can't climb back out steep sides), bonfires, cattle grids and garden machinery

So if you have a garden please think of my friends and family and make it hedgehog friendly.

Many blessings

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bye Bye to Texas, Hello Home and Happy Birthday

Ooops sorry I hadn't realised it had been so long since I last posted my blog! I had got rather sidetracked by setting up my new Facebook page . Do join me there as well. I can't write as much on there as I can on here but its good for keeping in touch with all my friends and for making new friends.

Yesterday I arrived back at home in the UK just in time for my birthday, today. I really had a wonderful time in Texas. The photo shows how Spring is coming already there - the peach tree is already in full bloom! Unlike the apple tree pictured below who still has her winter coat on but that will soon change; as you can see she has a few buds out.

You can probably also tell that I like sitting in trees. Unusual for a hedgehog I think! I'm always very careful getting up though so the trees don't mind and its a good place to sit and listen to them.

I helped with some more gardening before I left Texas. Here are some lettuces I helped plant. I also said goodbye to all my chicken friends. They have all grown a lot while I have been here and are now all laying eggs. I shall miss them very much.

A very big thank you to Sherry and her family for letting me stay plus a special big thank you to my new friend Jessica for the amulet she gave me. I hope you can see it in the photographs above. Its a fish she painted for me so very special to me as well as very lovely. As you may remember from earlier blogs I discovered my real name was Ezekiel the Fish during my
ayahuasca journeys in Peru with Ross Heaven and Tracy Thornbury last August.

It's lovely also to be back home at Indie Shaman for my birthday. Indi said hello and didn't try to eat me at all so she must remember me a bit even though she has grown a lot since I last saw her. I will have to give a hand with the garden here as well as she seems to have dug it all up and it is now mostly mud and big holes!

Many thanks to everyone who has sent me birthday greetings on Facebook and promise to blog again soon.