Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hi all

I hadn't been back home with Indie Shaman very long when my good friend Ross Heaven invited me to attend his Shamanic workshop in Spain. I'm going to learn how to become a shamanic practitioner and healer! This is a unique 14 day course at at the Hummingbird Retreat Centre in Spain from 9 - 22nd April. I think there may be a very few places left so if you want to book one and join me contact Ross soon.

So as soon as I've had a good rest and caught up on my jet lag I'm off again to Spain. I had started packing but June said I wouldn't need any of the things I had borrowed so I put them back. I can't decide which amulet to wear though so I may wear both of them.

I may not be able to blog for a while until I've arrived in Spain and I believe Indie Shaman is closing for a week at the beginning of April too. Something to do with June and Simon needing a holiday. The Indie Shaman forum will still be open though under the very capable hands of Cathy.

So until I'm back on here again here are a few hedgehog facts for you courtesy of Secret World Wildlife Rescue (p.s. If you want to adopt a hedgehog, or an owl, fox, badger or otter ... but hedgehogs are best honest .... just click on the link).

* Hedgehogs have poor eyesight, but our hearing and sense of smell is very sharp
* Hedgehogs are born blind and our vision starts to develop two days after birth
* Hoglets leave their mother and their nest when they are 4-5 weeks old
* We used to live under hedges, but now, due to modern farming methods, we are almost reliant on gardens
* The biggest dangers hedgehogs face are: road traffic, garden chemicals, drowning (in pools and ponds when we fall in and can't climb back out steep sides), bonfires, cattle grids and garden machinery

So if you have a garden please think of my friends and family and make it hedgehog friendly.

Many blessings

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