Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Viva España

Here I am when I landed safe and sound in Montefrio, but a bit green around the gills. I'm still not used to airmail! As Ross said it's a good job that hedgehogs are well known for their ability to breath plastic. Although of course he meant only very special hedgehogs like me. Plastic is very dangerous for ordinary hedgehogs who can't breath through it at all.

Here I am with Sarah who showed me around the workroom. I was a bit nervous at first to meet all the new people who were also taking the practitioner course but soon after meeting them we were all chatting away like family. Everyone was excited at the prospect of Ross' course in shamanic healing and I was looking forward to using some of the skills I've picked up on my travels.

Ross explained the medicine wheel, the cosmology of the shaman and how we traverse these different worlds to seek information and allies with whom we work in partnership to facilitate healing.

We learned how to diagnose energetic imbalances in each other using sage smoke and pendulums, agua de florida
and jungle tobacco. I found the gazing techniques more difficult but was assured that I will improve with practice.

Here I am dowsing Boris for energy imbalances.
I discovered that Boris, while very pretty, is quite depleted in energy due to being dead.

Feathers can be used to realign energies and I have become fond of using a white duck feather to move energy within a client’s body. We learn how to rebalance the energy body and clear the chakras, so that any further healing work will flow freely through the client. Then Ross demonstrated extraction techniques during a spontaneous healing need that arises in the group! This leads us on rather appropriately to the methods used by shamans to extract unwanted energies from them.

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Many blessings
Your friend
Ezekiel (aka Shaman Sham)

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