Saturday, 12 May 2012


The sun is shining so I may help with some gardening again this weekend.  Last weekend when June was doing a bit of weeding she noticed that there were a good few empty snail shells lying around.  Simon said you could tell I was back!  

Waiting for my dinner in the caravan

But first a blog update about my lovely fortnight’s caravan holiday in Wales with June, Simon and Indi.  Indie is my adopted dog-sister.  Like me Indi was born in a rescue so we have a lot in common.  I was born at Secret World Wildlife Rescue and adopted by Indie Shaman in 2009 so I’m a couple of years older than Indi who was born in a foster home with Four Paws Animal Rescue and adopted by June and Simon.  Indi had her second birthday while we were on holiday but didn’t have a cake which was a bit disappointing, only a dog toy, but she did share some of her dog snacks and chicken with me.

 Comfy rock 'seat' at Amroth

For the first week we stayed at Millhouse Caravan Park which is in Stepaside near Saundersfoot.    If you are looking for a place to stay the site is very nice and quiet, nestled in a sheltered valley.  You can take a short but lovely walk from there through the woods to Wiseman’s Bridge which is what we did the day after we arrived. 

Amroth Beach

Stepaside is not very far from June’s Mum so I got to meet my adopted Grannie for the first time.  We met her every day and went out to the sea side.  The weather was a bit cold but the rain held off enough for us to go out nearly every afternoon.  I think my favourite place was Amroth, which means ‘on the brook called Rhath’. Amroth has a long sandy beach with lots of rock pools and wonderful views across the coast.  There is a handy pebble bank to the beach where you can find comfy large rocks to sit on if the sand is damp. 

 Petrified wood

Simon found tree stumps and petrified wood while walking Indi down to see the sea.  This is the remains of a petrified forest which grew during the Ice Age that archaeologist believe was destroyed when the sea levels rose over 7000 years ago. 

 Treated to lunch at the Pirates Cafe, Amroth.  The food is lovely!

Back soon with tales of my second week which included a visit to Pentre Ifan megalithic burial chamber and to see the 13 foot high Celtic Cross at Nevern.
In the meantime if you like competitions, the Indie Shaman Facebook page has a new one where you can enter for a chance to win a free year’s subscription to the new pdf version of the magazine

Many blessings

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