Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Secret World of an Assertive Hedgehog

I was so excited to arrive at my friend Maggie’s last week.  I’ve met Maggie before when June, Simon and Judith from Indie Shaman met her on one of David Rowan’s Stonehenge tours.   Maggie knows a lot about hedgehogs already as she volunteers for Secret World Wildlife Rescue where I was born.  Here I am having a rest after my journey and enjoying the late sunshine in Axbridge.

Maggie also runs Pace for Living.  She’s been a therapist for over 20 years which is more years than since I was born!  

Maggie runs training courses and let me help her teach assertiveness at the Carlton Centre, Weston Super Mare. I’m very good at assertiveness apparently.

Then Maggie took me for a visit to Secret World Wildlife Rescue.  It made me feel quite emotional seeing my old home as I haven't seen it since I was a young hoglet.

Secret World is a charity in South West England which rescues, rehabilitates and releases injured, sick or orphaned wildlife.  Last year they helped around 4000 of us.  They also carry out educational visits in schools to teach children about nature and what they can do to protect wildlife, and have a conservation area including woodland and a wild flower meadow.

Do you know that I’m endangered?  It’s not just me and my hedgehog family and friends either as hedgehogs are only one of the many species of wildlife that were once common but are now on the endangered list.   Makes me feel very sad so I'm lucky I have all my friends to cheer me up and to help, and even luckier that there is somewhere like Secret World Wildlife Rescue.


Secret World relies on charitable donations to be able to do its work so if you are holding a fundraiser do take a look at their website.  You can also help Secret World by adopting an Owl, Fox, Badger or Otter and you will get information about your adopted animal as well as your own cuddly friend.  And if you treat them well they may develop a personality with assertiveness like I have.

Back soon with more photos of my visit to Secret World and more information about hedgehogs.

Many blessings
Your friend,Shaman Sham the Wandering Hedgehog

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