Friday, 2 November 2012

Autumn in Cardiff and Bonfire Safety for Wildlife

Many thanks to my friend Bear aka Rebecca Brown for letting me stay with her in Cardiff.  I’ve visited Wales many times yet never been to its capital before.  Above is a photo of me by the hyena on Cardiff castle wall.  The animal statues were put there by the owner of the castle when he was denied permission to have a zoo! 

Autumn is here now and the Celtic new year begun.  Many slightly late Samhain blessings to all!  

Can I also take this opportunity to mention bonfire night, dreaded eve for wildlife and cats and dogs everywhere.  Please keep your animal friends indoors and if you buy fireworks please think of wildlife.  Do you really need the loudest bangers you can find?   Or will something quieter and prettier do the celebrating far better?  Also …



Cardiff (Caerdydd),  the capital city of Wales, is also its largest city and the tenth largest in the United Kingdom.  The English name Cardiff derives from the original Welsh name, Caerdyf.  Cardiff was granted city status on 28 October 1905 by King Edward VII and now has many national institutions in the city including The National Museum of Wales, the Welsh National War Memorial, the University of Wales and the Millennium Stadium, home to the Wales national rugby union team. So there is lots to see! Luckily you can get a sightseeing bus if you want and Susannah let me sit on her shoulders to save my paws!

Apparently something called the Olympics was going on in the Millenium Stadium so I couldn't go in.

Here I am by a statue of Sir Tasker Watkins VC, GBE.  Born the son of a coal miner, Sir Tasker Watkins was a Lord Justice of Appeal and deputy Lord Chief Justice, President of the Welsh Rugby Union and won the Victoria Cross in World War II.  He was very tall wasn't he, as well as obviously very busy and very brave!

After all that hard work exploring and learning about Cardiff Rebecca kindly treated me to an ice cream or three from Cadwalders ice cream store.  I had strawberry, green tea sorbet and mint choc chip so I could see which one I liked best.  The answer was all of them.

I’m avoiding fireworks and bonfires totally and on my way to visit Joe and Claire in Durham which is in North East England.  Many thanks again to Rebecca and looking forward to meeting Joe and Claire soon.

Many blessings
Your friend, Ezekiel
aka Shaman Sham the Wandering Hedgehog

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