Thursday, 26 March 2009

Introducing Myself

My name is Shaman Sham the Wandering Hedgehog. I was born when Indie Shaman members adopted a hedgehog from Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

I have very itchy paws and like to travel and meet new people. Indie Shaman members very kindly said they would let me visit them so I've started a blog to write about my travels.

At the moment I am staying with Indie Shaman founders June and Simon. I have also met new friends Cara, a black labrador, and Biscuit, a cat, who says she is the boss. There is another cat here also but he is avoiding me and won't tell me his name. Two other humans live in the house as well which is bit confusing as they are supposed to be young humans but one of them is taller than the older humans.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sham..
    I’m really enjoying reading your Blog.. and am glad to hear that your stay with June and Simon is going so well. despite the run in with Mr. Darlek yesterday.
    Which I must say I think you handled with remarkable skill..
    It’s possible I suppose that Mr Darlek could be suffering from jealousy ,
    ( after all you are quite a good looking hedgehog and have your own blog too!)
    Maybe he’ll be friendlier if you let him bang your drum.
    Looking forward to your next blog entry…
    XXX Starshine.