Thursday, 9 April 2009

Don't bang the drum!

Sorry I've not been blogging recently. To be honest someone, mentioning no names, thinks I've been stuck in a box all the time. I did ask June when we were going to do something exciting, as promised, but she just replied with something about her having been busy because it was the end of the year. Which is nonsense as I told her because it's April. I may be very young but even I've learned already that the year starts with January and ends with December. She then mumbled something about accounts and taxes and "believe me I was better off not knowing". It all sounds very dark and mysterious!

I did manage to creep out of my box though occasionally when everyone else was occupied. While the cats are away the hoglet will play ...... and I found this lovely bodhran hidden away in a box just like I was. So I've freed it. June did say something about it being Indie Shaman shop stock but its mine now.

As you can see its quite a big bodhran for me so I've had a few problems playing it as my paws don't fit round it properly. However I have worked out my own special technique banging it with one end of the tipper. Apparently I'll come in very useful if the house ever needs a dinner gong!

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