Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Shaman Sham goes South East

June kindly gave me a lift to sunny Sussex and Ygraine’s house. It was a LONG journey but still preferable to bouncing around in the mail and we did get to stop for refreshments, though snails were sadly lacking from the menu.

June and Ygraine set off to meet Moonflower and Jasper Lee on Saturday so I had a much needed rest and kept Mr Ygraine company, helping him keep those dogs under control.

Sunday we had breakfast with June and then waved bye-bye to her. We spent the rest of the day chatting and having a walk around the land. I found a lovely little pond which had many snails hiding in the long grass – yum!

Monday I was supposed to be having a pony ride but it poured with rain all day so we had to amuse ourselves indoors again. We read the Indie Shaman forum for a while and then Ygraine told me all about what had gone on at the PAT with Jasper.

She was explaining the importance of ancestors and how human beans were losing their way and losing sight of how important nature is. I am not sure I understand that because what else is there but nature and the wisdom of our ancestors (apart from slugs and snails and earthworms and … )?

I remember fondly when I was just a little hoglet we would curl up under the hedgerow to sleep and Grandfather Hedgepig would tell us all the tales from The Ancestors which contained all the lore we needed to know to keep us safe and help us grow wise and be useful tribe members. Maybe human beans still have to learn all that we already know..

Anyway, the sun is out today so maybe I will get that pony ride and I can pretend I am Warrior Hedgepig like my great-great-great Grandfather was. I will let you know how it goes.

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