Friday, 17 April 2009

Shaman Sham finds a staff

We have had 2 days without an internet connection but I'm sure that is no excuse for being quite this far behind with my blog. I must have caught something from June as she is always complaining about being behind with everything!

Apparently Monday was a bank holiday which meant all the humans didn't have to go to work or school. Although come to think of it the tall-young human hasn't been to school for a while now. Anyway as it was a bank holiday June decided what Simon really wanted to do was finish wallpapering the bedroom. He didn't seem quite so sure.

After a half hour or so of hearing colourful language from upstairs I decided to get some peace in the garden as it was a lovely sunny day. I helped around the garden for a bit clearing up the snails. Before June and Simon started decorating I found this very handy Shaman Sham size staff which I took out with me. So when I was full ........ I mean the snails were cleared up ............ I did a little thank you ritual among the heather and forget-me-nots by the 'standing stone'.

I've added another photo of my new staff. According to June it was actually her wand which she made during an OBOD course with some things Nelly Moon gave her. She says she wants it back before I go off on my travels.


  1. Hi Shaman Sham...

    I'll bet a few crunchy snails went down a treat ( I can see the staff must have come in very handy for herding them your way.. ) and of course you were doing June and Simon a big favor by `removing` them.... I'm sure the garden flowers and tender wee shrubs will say Thank You...

  2. Hi Cathy. Glad you can see that I was only being helpful by removing them and I had to dispose of them somehow, didn't I? ;)

    Yes the staff came in very handy for snail ... um ... herding but lets just keep that between you and me as I'm not sure how June will feel about my using it like that. She's a vegetarian you know!

  3. Hi Sham :) I have been following your blog with interest :)It's fantastic that you found a staff, every shaman should have one ;) shame you can't keep it though :(
    Well done for dealing with that Dalek fellow (they can be quite tricky I understand).
    I hope you continue to enjoy your stay with June and Simon and look forward to the next installment of your blog:)
    Moonflower X

  4. Hi Sham, I am pretty sure your own staff will find you when you are ready. I will have to start snail herding so that the thrushes don't eat all ours before your visit.

    Happy crunching. Oh and will you be travelling to meet Jasper Lee on Saturday?

    Ygraine x