Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Hedgehog tips

Shake those maracas for joy! Apparently I am actually getting out of the house on Friday! June is taking me down to Sussex in the car to visit Ygraine. June will be staying with Ygraine so she can attend Jasper Lee's workshop on the Saturday. Ygraine and another June are going to the workshop as well so I will meet all of them. I wonder if I will meet Jasper as well? I'm a bit big to hide in your handbag!

After the workship June is interviewing Jasper for the new Indie Shaman magazine which is coming out later this year. Then she is going home on Sunday but I am staying at Ygraine's. I have read that Ygraine is already herding snails for me so she sounds very nice.

I thought before I go I should post some tips on hedgehogs in your garden. We are very helpful you know in gardens ..... especially with clearing up pests like snails!
  1. Have steps or a gently sloping side in your pond, like June has in her container pond, so if I or my friends fall in we can get back out.

  2. We like to hide our beds. Take care when clearing overgrown garden patches and long grass as we might be in there. Especially if you use a strimmer as they can kill! Don't leave open bin bags on the floor and if you do please check inside first before tying it up and putting it in the dustbin/leaving for the refuse collectors. Composting is good but please check there is no-one in there before sticking a fork in it! Check anywhere else we may be hiding as well such as under sheds if you are going to do work on them. If you find a nest please don't disturb it.

  3. If you've made a garden bonfire please move it or check there is no-one hiding in it before you light it.

  4. Please don't move us out if we are in your garden as we are good for it and there aren't as many of us as there once was.

  5. If you want to encourage hedgehogs into your garden we like cat food and somewhere nice to make a nest like a pile of leaves. Please don't move one of my family from the wild though into your garden as we might have a family of little hoglets that will die if we aren't there to look after them.


  1. Really looking forward to meeting you Sham (and June x 2). Will dog food do seeing as we don't have cat food? We do have plenty of snails if the thrushes haven't beaten you to it.

    I hope you are a good navigator so that you can map read while June drives.

    See you very soon.

    Ygraine x

  2. Yay Sham you are getting and about lol and about time too ;)
    I'm looking forward to meeting you very much and why would anyone even try to hide such a handsome hog in their handbag (a handbag lol)
    Also it's great to know you will be off on your travels, I'm sure June and Simon will miss you though.
    I'm sure your stay at Ygraine's will be very enjoyable, especially with all those snails :)
    Great tips too!
    See you soon
    Moonflower x

  3. Dog food is fine thank you Ygraine. Hedgehogs like dog food. Not sure about the navigating as June's map is bigger than I am so if I was reading it I'd have to jump up and down to shout over the top of it. June says that isn't allowed in cars as it distracts the driver.
    Looking forward to meeting you both Ygraine and Moonflower .......... and the fact one has snails and dog food and the other said I am handsome has nothing whatsoever to do with it (cough!)