Monday, 20 April 2009

Shaman Sham - Rock Hero!

Everyone thought they would take a weekend off on Saturday and Sunday which meant the wallpapering remains unfinished. A fair bit of housework seems to go on at weekends though. Although I noticed June also sneeked off to the shops as she said she needed some new pumps because the weather is getting warmer and she's going to Sussex next weekend for a 'Reviving Our Ancestral Past' workshop with Patrick Jasper Lee. I don't know why humans wear stuff on their paws as I manage perfectly well without.

Sunday seemed to be the day all the games got dragged out which apparently is the only way to stop June working when she's in the house. Simon was playing something called City of Heroes and June was playing Sims. As you can see I decided to do something a bit louder and play Rock Guitar. You just have to press the buttons which is much easier with paws than strumming a real guitar. After an hour or so of it I got quite good but no-one could hear me by then as they all had their own headphones on for some strange reason.

I overheard Simon mention something about the pond being full of snails so I popped out to investigate. I think that type of snail is a bit wet though and June said I'm not allowed to get dirty. I think she might have a good point as I wouldn't look quite so much like a rock star if my spines were all mucky.


  1. Hey rock on Sham lol - you should really be wearing a bandana with that guitar :)

    I noticed that Ygraine had mentioned before, will we have the pleasure of your hedgehoggy company this coming weekend? It'll make a change from housework watching ;)
    Be sure to keep on blog posting whatever you do:)
    Moonflower x

  2. Hi Shaman Sham,

    I'm sure you'd make a great Rock star.. and if by chance ( wink!) you happen to fall in the pond and get a bit mucky you could always say it was the grunge look..

    Wont be long now till there are ques of Shaman Sham groupies waiting outside the door for your autograph.. they may even bring a few snails with them as token of their esteem...

    Looking forward to your next blog entry..

    XXX Starshine..