Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Shaman Sham goes quad biking

Well life is good down on the farm ooh arr. I have been riding horses and walking a lot so I am very fit and trim. Good for the appetite mind you, just as well there is a good supply of earthworms now the rain has come.

We had a bit of excitement yesterday. Ygraine had to move some electric fencing for the horses so we went down on the quad bike. It was hard work in the wind but we managed to get the job done. We then stopped for a little something to eat (well a boy has to keep up his stamina and energy for all this work).

The really, really fun thing was that Ygraine taught me how to drive the quad and I had such fun – even though Y had to do the pedals for me. I think I look quite cool on the bike. I really should have had a crash helmet but it was an impromptu session so we just had to be careful.

Right, I am off to do some drumming so that’s all for now. I believe I am about to go on my travels again soon. I can’t wait – I believe there are lots of arts and crafts to do in my new home so watch this space.

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  1. Ah see Sham, you leave the West Country but you cant get rid of the accent hehe. OOOO AARRRRR