Saturday, 30 May 2009

Learning to make dreamcatchers

The last few days with Neyeli and her family have been fun. Neyeli taught me how to make dream catchers so now I have another new skill although the weaving was very small so I had to borrow Neyeli’s glasses to see them properly.

My favourite job here is keeping guard over the strawberries from the snails, so lots of yummy snacks for me. I have also been keeping the little pots stocked up with food for the feathered friends that visit throughout the day and sneaking some of those yummy brown things called sultanas for myself when Neyeli isn’t looking.

Neyeli says I will get fat if I keep on snacking so I have been helping with the housework. I found a little yellow duster which is just the right size for me.
This week we are going to the pine forest to visit the red squirrels so hopefully I will make even more new friends, will keep you posted

Bye for now

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