Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I’ve really enjoyed my stay with Neyeli and her family and I’ve learned lots of new skills. Neyeli has shown me how to paint on feathers and how to clean them when the birds give them as a gift. I even helped her parcel up a couple of things for posting but I wasn’t very good at that as the sticky clear stuff kept sticking to my fur.

While I’ve been here we have been to some nice places. I played in the sand at the beach and did some sun bathing but I didn’t like those big white birds that shouted all the time. I think Neyeli called them gulls.

We also went to the pine woods and I hoped I would make friends with a red squirrel but we didn’t see any. The nice ranger at the woods says they have all gone which is very sad. We had a picnic and I said hello to some big black crows and one of them gave me a feather as a gift.

Today I am spending the day in the garden, resting and eating lots of slugs and snails ready for my next journey.

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