Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sham arrives in Kent and goes all fuzzy in the pub!

I said a fond farewell to Neyeli and my friends and travelled overnight to stay with Moonflower and family in the beautiful Kent countryside. I was here bright and early on Saturday 20th June and greeted with lots of hugs. It seems Moonflower was pleased to see me!

I was introduced to Scruffy the dog, Mac the cat and Mr Moonflower of course, then shown to my room…yes I have my very own room here too. After leaving my friends behind at Neyeli’s I had wondered whether I might get a bit lonely….but I needn’t have worried because as you can see above there were new friends here waiting to meet me.

Moonflower showed me some of her special things and the healing feathers reminded me of my previous lodgings. I was also given my own drum to use during my stay to help with meditations and journeying.

On Saturday evening we visited the local pub where they always have a warm welcome for visitors. I met some of Moonflower’s family and friends and made another new one of my own. He is called George after the pub. I’m afraid we both look a little fuzzy in the photo as we had sampled some of the local ale.

It may be a while before I have something more to write as Moonflower is busy preparing for a holiday in Dorset in two weeks time, and guess what? They have asked me to go along too. In the meantime I will have a chance to rest and patrol the garden for lots of slugs and snails. I have been told that if I am very good I may have an outing next weekend. Apparently there is a big castle nearby - ooh sounds exciting.

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