Saturday, 3 October 2009

After housesitting for Bluebell, I helped out with the wallpapering, I thought the paper was very nice, with lots of trees on it, but did get my fingers covered in paste but Bluebell soon cleaned me up!

Then Bluebell took me into her workroom where I helped out making the flower orders. I really liked it in there as it was full of beautiful smells from the flowers and kept Bluebell company while she worked.

Bluebell loves her garden and I was honoured to be able to plant some lovely little violas in in the pots just outside her front door.

When we went into the back garden I met some other little helpers Bluebell has, including The Oak man who looks after all the trees and couldnt resist giving him a big hug.

Finally after an exhausting few days, i sat back with Bluebell in the garden with a refreshing glass of Elderberry wine watching an amazing sunset!!

I have enjoyed my time here, but i must get off on my travels again........lots more to see and do! I am really looking forward to seeing Winter. Bluebell said she will wrap me up for a safe journey and hope the postman don't delay in getting me there with any more strikes!

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