Saturday, 13 February 2010

Shaman Sham goes to University

I had a treatment from Oldrock who is a Neuromuscular Therapist. He did explain what this means and its something to do with using static pressure points. The treatment was absolute heaven. You would have thought he would have been nervous about giving a treatment to a hedgehog but he wasn't and amazingingly my spikes did not stick into him at all.
I have booked in to get more treatments before I leave here. It helps no end when you have to travel in a very small travelling compartment which can leave you a bit achey even if you are a very young hedgehog like I am.

So on to the university where I saw where Oldrock works. I think he has a easy life here because I sat on his desk while he "worked" and look - is that the Indie Shaman site on his computer? He took some photos of me for my blog while we were there then the battery failed in the camera so we will get more pictures later.

I wanted to give a lecture in a lecture hall that has had the same seating for the last 120 years but unfortunately no students turned up. I'm sure I would have been very good though if they had and the lecture hall was very big and impressive.
So instead I had a sit down and let Oldrock have his say instead. I had a lovely day at the university and I'm sure I soaked up lots of learning from just being in the building as well as from listening to Oldrock.

Oldrock tells me he has a surprise for me later this week. Watch this space and I will let you know as soon as he tells me.

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