Thursday, 25 February 2010

Aberdeen surprise

What a surprise Oldrock had for me! He was visiting his daughter in Scotland and he took me with him. I got to fly on a plane properly. I've been on a plane before of course when I came to Ireland but I didn't see much of it because I was in my travelling box that time. It was so much better flying with Oldrock.

So we went to Aberdeen. We flew from Cork to Dublin and then to Aberdeen where we stayed with Oldrock's eldest daughter. She gave a funny look to Oldrock when I was taken out of his backpack. I can't think why ...

While I was there I was taught how to swim in the North Sea. I was very safe because Oldrock put something on my arms so I wouldn't sink even if I didn't kick hard enough. Ohhhhh it was cold and afterwards I had to dry myself warm again quickly.

We also visited Duthie Park which was a fantasic place with lots of plants and trees. I felt really at home there.

I even sat on a cactus plant. I don't recommend that ... my spikes didn't protect me so I'm sure it would be even worse for people without spikes. Ouch! I learned lots of cactus aren't called cactuses. I also learned to treat cacti with respect and not to get so close to them in future.

At one stage I got so tired Oldrock's daughter carried me. I like her a lot because it was very nice of her to notice my legs were wearing out.
To finish the day I practiced my swimming and went skinny dipping in a pond I found in the tropical part of the Park. Luckily no-one was around to see.

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