Tuesday, 4 May 2010

From Athens with love

It was sad to part from Oldrock and Pebbles but once I was safely tucked up in my box I soon became caught up with the excitement of the journey before me.

I was on my way to Athens. home to the gods of ancient Greece, and the thought of being able to breathe the same air and tread with my little paws where they had trod was more than a little thrilling. I wondered if Zeus would be there to meet me and hoped he wouldn’t prod me with his thunderbolt ...but then decided from what I’d heard he would probably be off somewhere chasing a nymph or two.

I slept for most of the journey and munched on my supply of wormy things ,(which I just happened to have about my person).

Even though I was inside my box it was easy to tell that I was in Greece. The air seemed warmer and I had the curious feeling that the postman danced rather than walked. There was a lot of chatter but I found I couldn’t understand what was being said. It was as they say “all Greek to me.” Fortunately one of the worms I had with me was bilingual and could translate. So I decided that in recognition of his `Outstanding Service to Hedgehogdom’ I would make him a free worm and not eat him.

Once in Athens I slept the night in the post office just up the road from where Cathy lives. The parcel department was pretty full. Now and then I was awakened by the clink of glasses and heard the sounds of ”Ooopa ... Oooopa..” and the distinctive tone of bouzouki music as the occupants of the other parcels danced and sang into the night. Being a very young hedgehog I knew I needed my rest but it was fun to peep through a hole in my box at the goings on around me.

The next day Cathy came to collect me from the post office.

Josephinaki the cat was there to greet me when she opened the box.

I think we’re going to be great friends as she could hardly wait to get into my box and was nice enough to let me sit on her back.

I’m looking forward to exploring the giant yucca. I’ve heard there may be a dragon and some fairies living in it so I’ll let you know if I find any.

Back soon with more exciting news of the Adventures of Shaman Sham.

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