Monday, 7 June 2010

Shaman Sham meets Mr Yucca Tree

I’ve taken a nice long rest since my arrival in Athens. The journey had been a bit bumpy and I seemed to have caught a slight chill but Cathy had been looking after me well with plenty of bowls of hot snail soup.

But today as I opened my eyes I felt much more as a strapping young hedgehog should feel.

”Kali mera Athina!” (Good morning Athens) I said stretching my arms wide and yawning. Yes, Josephinaki the cat has become a good friend during my stay and has been teaching me a little Greek.

Through the balcony doors I could see the large yucca tree waving its leaves in welcome. So with a little hop I slipped from beneath the covers and padded out onto the balcony. As a very polite little hedgehog I had greeted the giant yucca on arrival but hadn’t yet had time to form a closer acquaintance with the illustrious green being and Dilbert the Dragon of the pot.

“Hello young fellow.” said the tree in a benevolent tone.

“Hello Mr. Yucca tree sir” I said, rather bravely I think, as I stared up at the awesome being. Slowly the great old yucca lowered its fronds to stroke me on my head.

“Oh that’s very touching.” Came a voice from the pot. “I suppose no one thought to say hello to me!”

And there sure enough was a rather grumpy looking dragon guarding not only the pot but some marbles of which he appeared to be very fond, seeing them as some kind of exotic jewel. Being a rather wise little hedgehog I decided not to enlighten him on the matter.

Instead I gave a quick little bow in the Dragon’s direction and hoped he wasn’t partial to a nice bit of hedgehog pie.

“Don’t worry about Dilbert,” said the old yucca reassuringly. He’s always a bit grumpy till he’s had a drop of dragon’s dew. “How about you climb up on my branches before I getting a crick in my neck.

“Here “said the Jessie weed, “take this golden flower it will help you to fly.”

So I clicked his heels together 3 times and holding the golden flower ever so tightly set off on my journey up the giant yucca. I spent many an hour listening to the tales of long ago and what it was like when trees walked the earth. I could see Dilbert the Dragon sitting at the bottom pretending he wasn’t listening as he polished his marbles and watered Jessie the weed.

I slept very happily in the tree that night as the large green being sang me to sleep deep into the night.

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