Friday, 25 June 2010

Going to stay with Ross Heaven in Peru!

Hi everyone. Here I am back in England at Indie Shaman. It was a pretty exciting journey back from Greece which started out with me travelling on the back of a motorbike through the streets of Athens! Here are some photos from my last look around Athens.

Here is a wonderful photo of ancient Greece in Modern Athens - The Acropolis. I will miss Cathy and her family very much and had a lovely time while I was staying with them.

Here are some apartments like the one I was staying in. Look at those lovely balconies.

Biscuit was waiting to greet me when I got back to Indie Shaman after my long journey. She told me the sad news that my dear friend Cara, the black Labrador, had passed on to the Otherworld last Friday.

She also told me something about the secret surprise. Apparently she overheard June saying something to Simon about the best way to send a hedgehog to Peru!

So after there had been cuddles all round I asked June and ...

Today I am going to start my journey again as I AM GOING TO STAY WITH ROSS HEAVEN IN PERU! (sorry about the shouting ... June said I have to calm down before I go so I may have to practice my deep breaths and meditating).

June says its a very long journey and I can't go in my box because of my weight and that stuff humans use called money. I'm not sure what's wrong with my weight although admittedly I'm quite a healthy round hedgehog. June said if I was brave enough they will wrap me up well in a bag I can sleep in for the journey. Of course I'm brave enough so I'm off today!

There may be a gap in my blogs while I travel to Peru but do check back for updates. June will also let you know when I have a new blog on our Facebook page

I am so looking forward to meeting Ross Heaven and his friends in Peru. Plus ... I'm going to be blessed by a Shipibo shaman! I must be the luckiest hedgehog in the world!

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