Monday, 6 June 2011

Ezekiel the Shaman

Hola! I have been preparing for the new plant workshop which began on June 1st and where I was once again in ceremony with the vine of souls and with the cactus of vision, two plants I learned a lot from during my time with with Ross Heaven in Peru and I was keen to explore again in case I had any lingering unresolved issues. Now I have my Shamanic Practitioner and Shamanic Healer diplomas I feel it's important for a shaman to continually work on his own self-development and the release of personal blocks so he can be a more effective healer for others.

The other day I was thrilled to discover that Ross and Sarah have toe (pronounced to-HAY) growing naturally in the garden here. Nobody planted it so it's a mystery where it came from but I was excited because the ancient shamans of Peru used to mix it with San Pedro to perform profound healings for their people and Ross was about to begin a diet with San Pedro but thought it best to diet toe first so I could get to know that plant and its arrangements and interactions with San Pedro.

Toe is the strongest visionary plant and teacher in the known universe - a tea made from the flower that I am holding here is enough to produce a 3-day out-of-body experience where the shaman will meet a whole team of ancestral and universal spirits who will teach him about reality. I had been sniffing the toe flower all night and felt a little trippy himself.

I've really enjoying my work with plants and Shaman Sarah (who also has an 'ology) made me my own romero and salvia smudge stick. Rosemary (romero) and salvia (sage) grow naturally in Ross and Sarah's garden and Sarah dries them and mixes them to produce the smudge bundle which is then lit and the smoke used for purification and cleansing. On the Shamanic Practitioner diploma course they also teach how to diagnose illness with smoke and a smudge stick is very useful for that too. I am going to show you everyone how to do it when I gets home. If you would like order your own smudge stick send Sarah a message via Facebook.

That's all for now but will blog again soon before I come back to the UK.
Many blessings
Indie Shaman

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