Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Stonehenge by Moonlight

Hi everyone

As you can see I now have a new chair especially for me to sit on. This is because I am going to the Pagan Federation 40th Anniversary Event on 8th October and, as I told June, Simon and Judith I'm not helping out with the Indie Shaman stall if I can't rest my legs occasionally. It sounds like it's going to be a great day so if you can get along to London do come and say 'hi' if you see me.

A couple of weekends ago on 13th August I was lucky enough to go on a David Rowan Tour of Avebury and Stonehenge. Here I am at the start of the 'Stonehenge by Moonlight' Tour sat having a quiet drink outside the Red Lion at Avebury. June's walking stick turned out to be just a little bit big for me to use so she used it instead and carried me in my Indie Shaman bag to save my legs.

All the other people who were doing the tour were very nice to me. I was especially pleased to get to meet one of Secret World Wildlife Rescue's volunteers who told me all about the hedgehog she had rescued.

photo courtesy of © David Rowan

David gave a very interesting illustrated talk about the history and astronomy of Avebury and Stonehenge which I learned are both much more than just the impressive stones you can see. I was too busy listening to take notes so Judith took all the notes as she is writing an article about the tour for the Indie Shaman magazine. David very kindly said we could use some of his photos as well as our own.

Then we were off on our walking lecture tour. David has a masters degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. He is a fascinating speaker and really helped bring this magical landscape to life as we walked round. Of the two stones above the one on the right is said to represent the male and the one on the left the female. Everyone seemed to know what David meant by that but I had to wait to ask June when I got home.

This magnificent stone is called the 'Devil's Chair'. It is said that sitting in the chair results in pregnancy. Judith, Simon and June insisted I sit in it immediately although I did point out to them that I am a boy hedgehog!

Then as the sun was setting on the temple of the Moon at Avebury we set off in convoy following a ley line to ...

photo courtesy of © David Rowan

... see the Moon rise over the temple of the Sun at Stonehenge.

It was so peaceful and beautiful to explore and sit in the stone circle itself and felt such an intimate experience among such a small party of like minded people. It was impossible not to be touched by a sense of wonder and by the magic that surrounded us as the dramatic clouds parted to allow us to see the moon rise over the stones.

photo courtesy of © David Rowan

David drew up an astrological chart for the moment we were there.

Then we all had some quiet time to meditate or send healing before setting off back to our cars for a short drive to a local hotel for a quick drink and chat before setting off back home.

If you would like the opportunity to go into the circle at Stonehenge as we did I highly recommend contacting David Rowan. If you do we might even meet because if I get the chance to go again next year I will!

Many blessings to all my friends

p.s. Many thanks to David Rowan for sharing his photos. For more photos and information about the Stonehenge by Moonlight tour, Stonehenge and Avebury, see Judith's article in the Autumn edition of the Indie Shaman magazine.

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