Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hi everyone. I'm now back home with Indie Shaman having a good rest before my next adventures. I meant to write some more to my blog before leaving Ross and Sarah but I just didn't seem to manage to fit it in between all the learning and having fun. The photo above is one of my favourites showing the shamanic art class and tatuajes (tattoos). I didn't have a tattoo painted on my face as it may have ended up more permanent than intended!

I had a great flight back to England as Ross travelled with me which was a far more interesting experience than travelling alone as I usually do.

I must admit, even for a modest hedgehog such as I am, I feel I can safely say I know quite a bit now. Here is a photo of me teaching about banisteriopsis caapi (used to prepare Ayahuasca).

I also learned:
Lower, middle and upper world journeying
Mapping the shaman's cosmology
Power retrieval
Soul retrieval
Spirit extraction
Mapping the energy body
Energy balancing
Pre-birth, conception and family work
Ancestral healing
Earth healing
Community healing
Plant spirit shamanism
Making allies in nature
How to make 'magic potions' (pusangas, seguros and perfumes)
Floral baths
How to diet plants (and he's dieted rosa blanca and ortega and poppy)
How to conduct a salvia ceremony, san pedro ceremony and ayahuasca ceremony.

Unfortunately talking human is still not a strong point but everyone on the course seemed to have no problem communicating with me (and my writing is, as you can see, quite fine as long as someone else does any typing - paws weren't meant for typing!)

Sarah is well impressed with my wisdom as you can see.

Sarah knows quite a bit too of course although I helped by keeping an eye on her when she sang a song and led a journey ... just in case she wanted any help from a hedgehog. I will miss both Sarah and Ross a lot.

As I said earlier I'm currently back home having a bit of a rest. Although June did ask me to finish off my article for the
Indie Shaman magazine which wasn't much hardship as Ross had sent most of it to June already. Indie Shaman has a particularly good cover on the Summer edition if I say so myself. Looks like June has been keeping busy while I've been away - she showed me the new Shamanic Lifestyle Shop she has been working on which is now online. Apparently if you are Facebook friend you can get a discount. That reminds me I haven't checked my Facebook page for ages so I must finish blogging and let my friends know I am back in the UK.

Speak to you all again soon

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