Sunday, 15 July 2012

Learning about Light and Energy

Hi Hedgehog friends!

While I was staying with Maggie and Les, Les offered to take me to work with him to learn about making light.   I'm all for treating things humorously so was happy to go along to Pace UK to learn more.

Once Les had explained what he actually meant I had to make light of my hedgehog brain and was even more excited to know I was going to learn to be an electronic design engineer! 

Les is very clever and has worked for some big companies, including working in Europe, the USA and the Far East so we had plenty to talk about as I have been to Europe and the USA as well.  I haven't been to the Far East though which sounds a very interesting place to go also.

Les told me how he set up Pace UK 10 years ago to provide LED technology as an alternative to conventional light sources and showed me some of his work.  Here I am concentrating hard as Les shows me how to solder.     

As it turned out hedgehog paws aren't very good at soldering so I took a seat safely out of the way and watched instead.

I really enjoyed my stay in Axbridge including learning about light and energy from another perspective!  I've now just arrived in Cardiff to stay with my new friends. Very exciting as I've never been to Cardiff before.  Will tell you all about them soon.

On a sadder note I was sorry to hear that while I was travelling my dear friend and adopted brother Keller Cat passed on. He will be sadly missed by his family and friends. He was one of my best friends and being older and wiser, when I was first adopted taught me all about how to manage humans which he had down to a fine art. His light shines on.

Many blessings 

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