Friday, 13 November 2009

The Hunt Continues

Here is a photo of me with Whitby Abbey in the background. When you've gone up all the steps it is a good idea to visit Whitby Abbey on the same day as St Mary's Church. There is a lift up from the visitor's centre though for those who can't travel up in a bag like I did. Whitby Abbey was once a Benedictine Monastery until the Vikings came. It was refounded in 1078 and lasted until the reign of Henry V111 in 1540 when he got rid of all the monasteries.

Apparently Whitby Abbey was a big inspiration for Dracula. I'm not sure why as he doesn't sound the type of chap to hang around with monks. I think we visited it a bit late as it appeared to have fallen down.

Still time to explore Whitby though and see if Dracula is hanging about anywhere else. From this spot I had a nice view over the harbour. I can see the sea and it looks pretty big! I wonder if Dracula got on a boat and went on his holidays while I am on mine?

It's pretty tiring exploring so here I am having another little rest. I'm not sure why but I'd only just got comfy when Winter came rushing up shouting something about reading signposts and grabbed me off my nice perch. It looks like its time to go back to Winter's home and I never did find Dracula. Never mind, I had a lovely time anyway and made lots of new friends. Thank you very much Winter for letting me stay with you and for taking me to Whitby.

Winter said I am off to Ireland next! That's where the Sidhe live! Ooh ... I can feel another adventure beginning ...

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