Thursday, 26 November 2009

Arriving in Ireland

Phew, I'm glad Winter packed me so well in such a warm box and remembered to include some tasty snails and worms. It seemed a very long way to Ireland and I had to go in a van again and then across some water and then when I got to Ireland they had floods so I was stuck in Winter's box for days and days. Some nice people in An Post took care of me though and made sure I didn't get wet but I was very glad when I reached Butterflywing's house and she freed me.

After I met Butterflywings she introduced me to Mr BW and Harrie the cat. As you can see Harrie and I got on really well and she wanted to hear all about my adventures - so of course I had to tell her! I asked Harrie about the Sidhe and where they lived but she said they were a secret and I'd have to be very clever if I was to find them. Of course as I am clever I'm bound to find them while I'm here.
After Harrie and I had had a nice chat Mr BW made me a nice cup of tea in his brand new mug. I felt really welcome especially as he then gave me a can of something called Murphys which he said I'd enjoy.

Butterflywings was going on and on about my being under age and took it away from me so I'm not really sure what Murphys is but it smelt good though. Maybe Mr BW will give me some more when she's not around.

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