Saturday, 5 December 2009

Exploring the Haven

Ireland is nice but it's very wet and it keeps raining. Butterflywings says that the garden is too soggy for me to go in as I forgot to bring my wellies, so she's letting me explore The Haven instead.

I like The Haven as it's where Butterflywings works and its full of brilliant stuff. She doesn't have anything to eat in there except for a spider I found but I don't like the taste of them much. I have found loads of books though. My favourite shelf is one with lots of books on Shamanism and I even found Jim PathFinder Ewing's book. Jim is going to be in the next Indie Shaman Magazine and I've held one of his books, maybe I can pretend I read it too. I really was thinking about it but then I saw...

...the labyrinth. Butterflywings says she has a really big one in the garden and we can go there when it's dry. She let me sit on her desk so I could work with this one though and my paws are just the right size.

When she wasn't looking I climbed into the willow and sat inside with all her pendulums.

This is my favourite one. Its a blue tourmaline and Butterflywings says it's a Shaman's stone so I think I'm going to see if she will let me keep it, after all I am Shaman Sham.

After all the exploring I was tired so I had to have a lie down on the treatment table. I must say it is really snuggly here so I think I'll just have a bit of a snooze.

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