Sunday, 20 December 2009

Decorating the tree

I've just been learning a bit about Christmas trees, Butterflywings doesn't have a real one as Harrie would only try and climb it but she does have quite a nice 'pretend' one. I thought I'd see what tree climbing was like...phew made half way up anyway, this is hard work, don't know how Harrie does it, I've seen her out in the garden when she thinks no-one is looking.

What's that? If I stay here I have to be the fairy? I'd better get down quickly then. I've been reading about sidhe which is what Irish fairies are called and I'm not sure they'd want to sit on top of a Christmas tree. If they wouldn't do it I'm sure a Shaman wouldn't want to either.

I found these in a box. I think they go on the tree or something, don't tell me I'll have to climb all the way up again.
Oooh look, more stuff. Don't you think they suit me? These crackers are just Sham size and they sound great when you rattle them I think there is something inside them. All I need now is someone to pull them with me.

Great here's Harrie, maybe she'll help me pull the crackers.

Oops it wasn't me, it was her. It really was all nice and tidy until Harrie arrived. I hope I don't have to clear it all up.

Well that's the tree finished. Harrie and I are quite pleased with it really, it's not bad for our first attempt.

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