Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year from Shaman Sham

Happy New Year! I've been learning all about New Year which is the first day on the Gregorian calender. That means people who use that calender get to have the day off work and set off fireworks. I think fireworks are scary but Butterflywings told me I was quite safe in the house and kept me company so I was very brave and hardly scared at all once she had got me out from under the bed.

At new year people make resolutions. I don't know why. Butterflywings explained that a resolution is when you promise to yourself to do something. Most people make resolutions to give up smoking, stop drinking, eat healthily or get fit. But I don't smoke or drink and I'm sure I am fit and eat healthily. So I resolved to learn lots like a Shaman should do.

So I've been being nosey, sorry I mean inquisitive, and have been exploring the Haven on my own. Well it's important that I know where everything is and what it does. That's what Shaman do isn't it, and anyway, if Butterflywings is busy maybe I can work with her tools for her. She tells me she makes her own tools and so far I've found one of her rattles and her wand.
I think I'll have to squeeze these in as well when I go. Well if she makes her own then she can make some more, she'll hardly miss these will she.

I also found this big bowl of crystals. I don't think Butterflywings really works with these with other people but she uses them in her healing tools. She also told me they make good presents for people. I think food would make a better present though. I think I'll suggest it to her, just in case she'd like to give me anything.

Oooh I've seen feathers like these before when I stayed with Nelly. The smudge feathers were made by Nelly and the wolf is called Teltunuk. The other feathers are from eagles. I don't know where Butterflywings got them though, I've seen robins, sparrows, chaffinches, magpies and crows here but no eagles. I think if I saw one I'd hide though, just in case it wanted to eat me.

There are feathers in these prayer feathers too. Butterflywings told me they are supposed to be outside in the earth but she keeps hers inside instead. I hope I get to make some of my own.

I also found two of Butterflywings auragraphs. I think they are a type of reading and tell you about yourself. Maybe if I ask her nicely she'd do one for me. I wonder if it would have snails, ants, flies or worms in it. I'm sure these are some of my guides, they are very important to me. I'm not sure you are supposed to eat your guides though are you?

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