Monday, 11 January 2010

Shaman Sham learns all about snow

Wow, so that's what snow is, I've been reading about other Indie Shaman having snow and have seen some of their pictures but I didn't really understand what it was. I was so excited that Butterflywings found me a hat and scarf so I didn't get cold and then she let me go outside in the snow. Mr Butterflywings said I looked like Paddington Bear but I don't know who that is so I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Butterflywings said I could help feed the birds and so she helped me climb up onto the bird table. I had a look into the container to see if there was anything I might like. All I can say is the birds must be very hungry if that's what they eat.

I was a bit damp after I climbed back down so I went and hid under the bamboo for a while as it wasn't snowing so much there. I didn't realise that snow was wet. It doesn't look it does it. Ohh there's always so much to learn.

I found a new friend in the garden and decided to hang out with him for a bit. His name is Buddha and he was sheltering from the snow too. He doesn't say much though, very quiet and inscrutable.

Mr Butterflywings said that if I was staying outside I might like to play in the snow. He told me about snowballs and building snowmen and I was quite excited about having a go but then he told me that there wasn't enough snow and we'd have to wait until there was. He's very kind though because he made me a sledge and pushed me around the garden on it until he go too tired and said he had to go back indoors.

Then I found some footprints in the snow. I think they belong to the Sidhe. I'm sure they like playing in the snow too so it must be them.

Butterflywings said that as there were no cars around I could go and sit on the wall so I could see the snow across the crossroads and down the valley.

After that I really was getting a bit cold so when I got back in the house we put my scarf and hat on the radiator to dry and I went and sat by the fire so I could get nice and warm again.

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