Thursday, 28 January 2010

Exploring Kilbrittain

Today we went out to explore around where Butterflywings lives. First we went to the beach at Harbour View. The tide was out and we had to walk a long way to get to the water. I had to sit down on the way as my legs were aching from walking in the sand. Fortunately Mr Butterflywings had a plastic bag in his pocket and he let me sit on it so I didn't get my bottom wet.

I think they took pity on me then as they let me sit up on the breakwater and rest for a while. It was a bit green and slimy but I had a good view from there. A great big white bird, which I learnt was a seagull, seemed to want to sit next to me so I got down then. Well it was a lot bigger than me.

Then I found worms! I was really excited about this as I didn't know you could get worms on the beach. I was hoping that I would be left alone so I could have a snack ...

From one part of the beach I could see a big house in the distance. Butterflywings explained that this was Coolmain Castle which belongs to the Disney family, the same family that makes all the films like Mickey Mouse and Cinderella. She also told me that this wasn't the only castle in Kilbrittain and so on the way home we stopped to see the other one.
You can actually see Kilbrittain castle from Butterflywings garden but it looks much bigger close up. She told me that it is the oldest inhabited castle in Ireland. I bet it's full of all kinds of spirits whooo, whooo, whooo.

After this we went to Kilbrittain woods. The woods are quite big and just as you go in there is a river which goes down to the sea. We stopped on a little wooden bridge over the river. Butterflywings had to hold onto me as she was worried I would fall in when I climbed up to sit on the bridge.

The stone bridge is called Deasy's Bridge and the other side of it is the estuary, then the sea. I learnt that lots of birds migrate here in the winter and live in the estuary for a while.

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  1. Dear hedgehog,

    you seem to have wandered terrifically far and wide in your exploration of Kilbrittain. I commend you for your inquisitive nature. I recognise all the places you went to and am merely disappointed that I didn't see you as you went about your travels. We should meet by the bridge one of these fine days and pass the time in conversation. I won't eat you, I promise.

    Kind regards etc....

    (Emma the dog of) TPE

    Oops. As a dog, I've failed to sign into the correct account and so there is no link back to my master's blog. Silly of me. This is where you can find him, anyway. Don't worry, it's not about cricket.