Thursday, 14 January 2010

Learning about the Sidhe

I see a tall dark, handsome wait, that's me. I really must get the hang of this scrying. Maybe the light's too bright or something, now let me just me in there, good job I am so handsome.

I've been practicing some more of my shamanic skills too. I have had a go at dowsing for flower essences and using the flower essence cards to select them. These are some of the ones I liked the look of all I have to do now is work out what they are for. Maybe I can journey to find out.

I've been reading the Nature Speak cards too. I like these and I've borrowed some glasses so I can see them more clearly. Don't I look distinguished in them.

Butterflywings says that if I'm in Ireland I really should learn about the Sidhe. She gave me this book to read. So far I've found out that 'The Sidhe' can mean people of the mounds or the lordly ones or the good people. It's really another name for fairies.

It says the Sidhe settled in Ireland millennia ago and after a battle retreated to a different dimension of time and space. It is said they live underground in mounds, fairy raths and cairns. My book also says that the Sidhe are tall and handsome, dress richly and that their halls are richly decorated with sumptuous foods and drinks.Oohh maybe I'm a Sidhe, that sounds just like me.

The Sidhe protect trees and mounds and can curse any mortal who destroys or damages them. Good job I'm Shaman Sham and would never do anything like that or I think they'd scare me a little.

I'm going to keep a look out for them or rather an ear out for my book says that whenever the Sidhe appear there is a strange sound like the humming of thousands of bees and also a whirlwind is caused.

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