Monday, 7 December 2009

Today was brilliant, I found lots of shiny things in The Haven that June has in the Indie Shaman shop. I didn't ask June if I could play with hers because she said they were for sale, but I did manage to get hold of Butterflywings ones and boy do they make a lot of noise, sorry I mean beautiful sounds :)

Really I saw these the other day when I was using the labyrinth but I didn't get chance to play them then, I think they are called desk chimes. I've been waiting for a chance to climb back onto the desk and have a go and today I made it. It's easy really, all you have to do is touch them and they play themselves. I don't know why humans make so much fuss about playing instruments.

As I was having so much fun, Butterflywings got the Aura Chimes down from the window sill as she thought I'd fall off if I tried to climb up to them. I like these as when I hit them with the stick, I think it's called a beater, I got shivers all through me. It felt really nice. I think I'd like to keep these. I hope my suitcase is big enough. Maybe if I ask real nice I could have a new suitcase. I think there are lots of things I'd like to keep and I still need space for my food........
I think these are called singing bowls. One of them was a bit big for me but it made a nice deep sound, like the Earth humming. Butterflywings says she got this one from the Indie Shaman shop. I think it's a good size for humans but not for hedgehogs. The little one was perfect for me and I managed to hold onto it even when I ran the beater round the outside. I think I played too much and the sound got too high or something as Harrie the cat ran away and even the spider hid. I asked Butterflywings about it and she told me it's the singing bowl she uses for healing and that the sound changes when you play it, sometimes it's very high but sometimes its low. If I hold onto this I can keep practicing, maybe I'll try while the others are asleep.

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